Overview of the ARJDBC query syntax

The Service Management query of BMC Helix Dashboards supports the ARJDBC functions instead of the native SQL queries. A tenant administrator or an editor can use the ARJDBC functions to build Service Management queries or to create calculated fields. 

Differences between ARJDBC functions and native SQL queries

ARJDBC is a custom (proprietary) JDBC for BMC Helix Innovation Suite. The query format for ARJDBC is different from the standard ANSI SQL query. The following are differences in query format:

  • ARJDBC query uses Application Request (AR) form names and Innovation Suite (IS) record definition names instead of database table names. For example, `HPD:Help Desk`, `CHG:Infrastructure Change`, `WOI:WorkOrder`, `com.bmc.dsm.case-lib:Case`, and so on. 
  • ARJDBC query uses Application Request (AR) and Innovation Suite (IS) field names instead of database column names. For example: `
    • `HPD:Help Desk`.
    • `Incident Number`,
    • `HPD:Help Desk`.
    • `Submit Date`,
    • `com.bmc.dsm.case-lib:Case`.`Display ID`,
    • `com.bmc.dsm.case-lib:Case`.`Priority`, and so on.
  • The form names and record definitions are case-sensitive in ARJDBC queries. For example, For example, `HPD:Help Desk` is not similar to `hpd:help desk` or `HPD:help desk`.
  • The form and the field names must be enclosed in backticks in ARJDBC queries. For example, `Incident Number`.

Limitation of ARJDBC functions

The ARJDBC functions do not support the full outer join.

Where to go from here

Supported ARJDBC functions

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