Localizing the content of dashboards

You can localize the content of BMC Helix Dashboards to meet the needs of global audience. Users can view the content in their preferred language by changing the locale setting. For example, if the locale setting is German, users will see the content of BMC Helix Dashboards in German. 

Supported locales

BMC Helix Dashboards supports the following languages for localization:

  • French
  • German
  • Spanish

Currently, BMC Helix Dashboards does not support complete localization of artifacts. For details, see Localized and non localized artifacts.

To change the language

You can change the default language in the Default preferences section. 

To change the default language for all users

A tenant administrator can set the default language to be used to display content for all the BMC Helix Dashboards users in the organization.

  1. From the navigation menu , click Administration.
  2. On the Default preferences tab, select a language in which you want the content to be displayed from the Language list.
    The default language is changed for all the users in the organization. 

To change the default language for an individual user

An editor or a viewer can change the default language setting for their own individual account. This change overrides the language set by the tenant administrator.

  1. Click the user icon and select Profile.
  2. In the Preferences section, select a language from the Language list.

Localized and non localized artifacts 

The following sections provide a list of localized and non localized artifacts:

Artifacts that are localized 

  • Navigation menu under Dashboards
  • Options to browse for folders and dashboards
  • All the options in the Administration section
  • User profile section
  • Option to add a visualization while creating a custom dashboard
  • Services data (For the Service Management query type, data is returned in the locale that you configure.)

Artifacts that are not localized 

The following artifacts are not localized:

  • Visualization and data source plugins; for example, BMC Helix data source plug-in and BMC Bar Chart visualization plug-in

  • Out-of-the-box dashboards
  • Report scheduler

Localizable fields

While creating a custom dashboard, you can specify values in your preferred language for the following dashboard fields:

General information

Dashboard parent folder name
Dashboard name
Dashboard description

Date/time range selector

You can localize the date selector by using the localization settings of the browser.

Dashboard settingsVariable or filter display name
Variable or filter value
Filter input
Link title
Link tooltip
Panel settings (common fields)Panel title
Panel description


You can enter SQL queries only in English. However, data returned by the query can be in local languages.

Organize fields

Use this option to localize the column names returned by the queries.

Value mappings

Use this option to localize the content in dashboard panels.

Series name

Date and time labels on time series axis

The date or time legends can be localized by using the  localization settings of the browser.

Datalink title
Dashboard operationsSearch dashboard by title or name
Filter dashboards by localized tags
Export dashboard as JSON
Import dashboard from JSON
Returned query dataAggregated data returned by the query
Raw data returned by the SQL query
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