Building queries to fetch data

As a tenant administrator or an editor, build queries in dashboard panels to fetch data from different data sources. You can build multiple queries with different query types in a panel. You can also configure one panel to fetch data from different data sources.

Queries collect data from various data sources and display them in the selected visualization panels. You can build queries by using the SQL, PromQL, Lucene queries, and so on. For every panel, write the queries in the Query Editor section and select the appropriate visualization type to display the data in your dashboard panel. You can use the data to analyze various incidents, metrics, audit reports, and so on and take corrective actions.

By using various query types, you can fetch data such as events, metrics, audits, incidents, and so on. The following table lists the available query types:

Query typeDescription
Audit query

Collects the audit data from BMC Helix Portal.

CloudSecurity query

Collects the device compliance data from BMC Helix Cloud Security.

Events query

Collects event data from BMC Helix Operations Management. You can collect data for open events, closed events, and so on.

Log query

Collects system log data from BMC Helix Log Analytics. You can collect logs data pertaining to windows module installer, pods, and so on.

Metric query

Collects performance metrics data of your devices from BMC Helix Operations Management andBMC Helix Continuous Optimization.

Service Management query

Collects service data from BMC Helix ITSM. You can collect data for incident management, change management, problem management, and so on.

Example: View the number of incidents by submitter

Let's say you are a tenant administrator who wants to view the number of incidents by submitter in your organization. Use BMC Helix data source, Service Management query type, and SQL type to fetch the data by specifying the following query:


`HPD:Help Desk`.`Submitter` AS Submitter,

COUNT(`HPD:Help Desk`.`Incident Number`) AS Number_of_Incidents


`HPD:Help Desk`


`HPD:Help Desk`.`Submitter`


You can identify the statistics of various incidents by submitter and their statuses. For the above example, select the Table visualization panel or enable the Table view toggle button to verify the data in a tabular format.

To build a query

  1. On the Home page, click and select New Dashboard.
  2. On the New dashboard page, click Add visualization.
  3. In the Query section, select the BMC Helix data source for the query.
  4. In the Query Type field, select a query type.
  5. In the Query field, add the query.
    This field changes according to the query type that you select.
  6. (Optional) To add another query in the same panel, click Query and add the required information.
  7. Save the panel.

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