BMC Helix ITSM DevOps Metrics dashboard

The BMC Helix ITSM DevOps Metrics Dashboard uses industry-standard DORA (DevOps Research and Assessment) metrics to visualize organizational software development performance in effecting change to a service or application.  These metrics are a powerful tool for performance optimization, not only for DevOps-driven software delivery, but also for a wider range of agile, incremental, and collaborative IT work.

As a SaaS administrator, editor, or viewer, you can use the DevOps Metrics dashboard to monitor the details of all the closed and completed change requests.

For instructions about creating or editing dashboards, see Configuring dashboards, panels, and queries. For information about dashboard concepts, see Setting up dashboards.

Example: View and track details of all the closed and completed change requests for the business service

Rohit, a SaaS administrator, wants to view the metrics of all the change requests that are completed and closed.

Rohit wants to view and track these metrics to verify that they are aligned with DevOps performance. These metrics could help Rohit to arrive at the steps he can take to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization's operations, as the DORA (DevOps Research Association) metrics help to track the DevOps performance.

To view the DevOps Metrics dashboard

  1. From the navigation menu , click Dashboards.
  2. Click the Helix ITSM folder and then click DevOps Metrics.


    To quickly open the dashboard from the home page, mark it as a favorite by using the star icon. Additionally, after you open a dashboard, it is available under Recently viewed dashboards on the home page.

Panels in the DevOps Metrics dashboard

Deployment Frequency

Displays the daily number of change requests that are deployed into production.

Mean Lead Time for Changes (HH:MM:SS)Displays the mean lead time taken for the change request to move from Created to Completed status.

Mean Time to Restore ServiceDisplays the average time taken to restore service after an outage.

Upcoming changes

Displays the number of upcoming change requests.

The count displayed here is the future upcoming changes that is out of the selected date range filter.

Deployment frequency trendDisplays the trend of the number of change requests that are deployed.

Mean lead time for changesDisplays the mean lead time for the change requests.

Change Failure Rate

Displays the percentage of failed change requests.

Mean Time to Restore Service by MonthDisplays the mean time to restore services based on month.

Upcoming Changes by MonthDisplays the number of upcoming change requests based on month.

Health Score, Events, Incidents and ChangesDisplays the correlation of various data about a service over time.

Change Crosstab – Submitter and Change Coordinator Group

A dashboard similar to the BMC Helix ITSM Change dashboard.

You can click the total numbers to view the change request details. The change request details are displayed in the Change Details - Drill-through dashboard.

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