Adding and configuring a data source

Important for SaaS environment

Options to add a new data source and edit an existing data source are not available from 22.2 release. If you have preconfigured data sources for BMC Helix Dashboards , they will continue to work. For more information, see  22.2 enhancements and patches Open link .

To add and configure a new data source, raise a request with BMC support Open link

In an on-premises environment, you can continue to add or edit a data source to fetch data from other data stores in your environment.

Before you begin

Make sure that the following prerequisites are met: 

  • Do not specify an IP address.
  • Do not specify the hostname without a valid domain name.
  • Do not specify port names. Only fully qualified domain names (FQDN) are allowed.
  • Specify HTTPS protocols only.

The above prerequisites are not applicable while configuring an RDBMS data source, such as MSSQL, PostgreSQL, and so on.

To add a data source

  1. From the navigation menu , go to Administration > Data Sources.
  2. Click Add data source.
  3. Hover over any data source except the enterprise plugins and click Select to add the data source in BMC Helix Dashboards.
  4. Depending on the data source type that you added, add the required details to configure the data source.
  5. Click Save & Test to complete the configuration.
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