Event Data dashboard

As a tenant administrator, editor, or viewer, you can use the Event Data dashboard to view the number of open events and their severity, and the number of closed events. The dashboard also displays the trend of open events in your environment.

The dashboard uses the BMC Helix data source and the Events query type.

For instructions on creating or editing dashboards, see Configuring dashboards, panels, and queries. For information about dashboard concepts, see Setting up dashboards.

The following image shows the Event Data dashboard with sample data:

To view the dashboard

Do the following:

  1. On the left navigation pane, hover over Dashboards and click Browse.
  2. Click the Operations Management folder and then click Event Data.

Tip: Quick access from the home page

To quickly open the dashboard from the home page, mark it as a favorite by using the star icon. Additionally, after you open a dashboard, it is available under Recently viewed dashboards on the home page. 

Panels in the Event Data dashboard

Device Name

Select a device from this list to view its event data you can view. Select a device from this list.

Event Analytics

Provides a link that you can use to cross launch to BMC Helix Operations Management for event analytics.

Critical, Major, Minor, InformationDisplay the number of events of each severity type.

Number of ticketed events

Displays the number of events that were converted into tickets on the devices that you selected.

Number of open eventsDisplays the total number of open events on the devices that you selected.

Number of closed eventsDisplays the total number of closed events on the devices that you selected.

Top 5 CI's

Displays the top 5 devices on which maximum events are generated. This list does not depend on the devices that you selected.

Event by class

Displays a graph of events by their classes that are generated on the devices that you selected.

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