Features and functions

The Fast Path Online Suite of products let you complete a broad range of database maintenance and analysis tasks. This section provides additional detail on the features and benefits of the individual products that comprise the Fast Path Online Suite.

Fast Path Online Reorg/EP

The Fast Path Online Reorg/EP product provides reorganization functions that solve the issues of how to reclaim space or extend space in DEDBs while they are online, without database downtime. The utility shares control of the database with IMS during the online reorganization.

Key product functions are summarized as follows:

  • The patented Intelligent Reorg feature recognizes and reorganizes only UOWs that require reorganization without taking the database offline. This technique eliminates unnecessary I/O, and more importantly, dramatically reduces logging overhead on the IMS subsystem during an online reorganization. Intelligent Reorg also enables you to fine-tune a DEDB reorganization by selecting only certain UOWs for reorganization with either of the following criteria:

    • only UOWs that extend into IOVF

    • only UOWs that exceed a threshold percent of disorganization

  • The online reorganization function lets you optimize performance and reclaim space by processing only UOWs that are disorganized, leaving organized UOWs unaffected.

  • The patented online Extend function lets you increase the size of IOVF and SDEP storage portions of a DEDB during reorganization without taking the database offline.

Fast Path Online Analyzer/EP

The Fast Path Online Analyzer/EP product provides functions that analyze the content and structure of DEDBs while they are online, without database downtime. It lets you verify the integrity of all pointer values, free space element chains, and VSAM control fields, and determine space utilization needs. The utility shares control of the database with IMS during the online analysis. Fast Path Online Analyzer/EP helps you analyze your DEDBs faster, without requiring resource-intensive sorts and work files.

Key product functions are summarized as follows:

  • The validation function examines, verifies and reports on pointer data, including segment pointers, root addressable pointers (RAPs), and SDEP pointers.

  • The analysis function computes and analyzes information about single or multiple areas. User-specified thresholds can be used to set statistical analysis limits. An area data set or an image copy can be used as input to an analyze function.

  • A variety of reports provide comprehensive analysis data to help you monitor and manage performance characteristics, space usage, and physical attributes of DEDBs.

  • The online DEDB data extract function lets you extract full or partial segment data from DEDBs while they are online to IMS.

  • A statistics repository stores information for immediate retrieval and complete record-keeping of historical DEDB activity. User-specified thresholds allow statistical reporting limits and close monitoring of database performance.

  • The optional concurrent analysis function enables online analysis of a DEDB with reduced overhead.

  • Supporting utilities provided with Fast Path Online Analyzer/EP let you dump or modify a database control interval and print a listing of the DMAC.

Fast Path Online Image Copy/EP

Fast Path Online Image Copy/EP lets you take an image copy of the DEDB while the DEDB is online, without any database downtime.

Common features

Several important features that are common to all the Fast Path Online Suite products facilitate product implementation and use:

  • For customers who receive the Fast Path Online Suite products on the I-series cartridge tape, installation is accomplished with the BMC Installation System. For more information, see the Installation System documentation .

  • Fast Path Online Suite customers have the option of using the DBA Toolkit, which is included with the MAXM Database Advisor for IMS product on the I-series cartridge tape. Installation is accomplished with the BMC Installation System. For more information, see the Installation System documentation .

  • Fast Path Online Suite products incorporate an easy-to-use command language. Commands, subcommands, keywords, and keyword parameter options provide control and customization of DEDB maintenance and analysis functions. Command sets are composed of a command, optional subcommands, and optional keywords with their parameter values.

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