Extend function overview

The patented Extend function of Fast Path Online Reorg/EP offers a high-performance alternative for extending an area data set. It allows you to extend space without performing a database reorganization.

If an out-of-space condition occurs in either the IOVF or SDEP portion of a DEDB area, you can use the Extend function to increase the size of the IOVF or SDEP portions without performing an online or an offline reorganization. The ability to use this function to extend the IOVF or SDEP portions of the area can save time and resources when compared to executing the traditional unload and reload processes to accommodate the space extend.

The Extend function, which is executed by the EXTEND command is available for both offline and online processing.

User-specified control of the extend

User-specified keywords are available to let you control the DEDB extend process manually. You can extend all areas or selected areas of a DEDB.

Automatic pointer validation during an extend

If you have a license for the Fast Path Online Analyzer/EP product, the product performs quick (checksum) pointer validation by default when you execute the online Extend function.

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