Repository overview

The repository is an optional facility that provides a mechanism for the storage of the statistics gathered during the analysis function, and for the retrieval of these statistics for subsequent processing.

If the repository facility is activated, statistical information gathered by the analysis function will be saved in the repository for future processing. If the repository facility is not activated, statistical information is not retained after the generation of the reports that are requested for the DEDB area.

The repository facility is available to the online analysis process if you have a license for the Fast Path Online Analyzer/EP product. It is available to the offline analysis process if you have a license for Fast Path Online Analyzer/EP or Fast Path Analyzer/EP.

The repository facility enables you to accomplish several things:

  • Store the statistics gathered by the analysis function

  • Retrieve the statistics for reporting purposes

  • Use the statistics to perform historical reporting, trend analysis and forecasting

  • Store, view, or delete customizations to the severity level or issuance threshold (the number of times it is issued before it is suppressed) for selected product messages

This topic discusses the use of the repository for statistics storage, retrieval and usage. For information about using the repository for message customization, see Dynamic message modification.

Repository contents

The repository consists of a single catalog data set called a repository catalog, and a number of statistics data sets.

The repository catalog is a VSAM keyed sequential data set (KSDS). It contains a set of statistics catalog entries, and a set of allocation rules that control the creation and retention of new statistics data sets.

Each statistics data set is a sequential file that contains the detailed statistical information that is gathered by a single execution of the analysis function for a DEDB or area.

Repository inputs and outputs

The following figure shows the inputs and outputs for the repository facility.

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