Creating statistics data sets

When repository processing has been activated, the analysis function dynamically creates a statistics data set for each area that is analyzed.

The repository catalog is searched for an allocation rule containing user-provided information for dynamically allocating a new statistics data set. An allocation rule includes fields such as the data set name mask and various allocation parameters. The product determines the DASD space required for each new statistics data set and specifies the space allocation parameters automatically.

The analysis function searches for the allocation rule to be applied in the following order:

  1. It searches for an allocation rule at the area-specific level, matching the REPOSITORY_GROUP, DBD name, and area name.

  2. If no matching rule is found, it searches for an allocation rule at the database-specific level, matching the REPOSITORY_GROUP and DBD name (any area name will match).

  3. If no match is found, it searches for an allocation rule at the group level, matching the REPOSITORY_GROUP only (any DBD name and area name).

  4. If no match is found, it obtains the global allocation rule.

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