Reorganization function restrictions

The following restrictions apply to the reorganization function:
  • The SELECT_UOW keyword enables you to specify the technique to be used by the reorganization function in the selection of UOWs to be reorganized. The normal default for this keyword is SELECT_UOW=IOVF, which causes reorganization of only UOWs that extend into IOVF. Under the following conditions, however, the reorganization function will automatically use a value of SELECT_UOW=ALL:

    • When compression is requested (either by specifying COMPRESS=YES or COMPRESS=segment name)

    • When the EXTEND_IOVF_#UOWS keyword is specified and SDEP segments are defined in the DBD

  • When either or both of the conditions specified above necessitate the assignment of SELECT_UOW=ALL, the reorganization function will ignore any value that you specify on the FRAGMENTATION_PERCENT keyword and any alternate value that you specify on the SELECT_UOW keyword. Under either of these conditions, Fast Path Reorg/EP will issue message BMC111197I to indicate that all UOWs will be processed.

  • Multiple area data sets (MADS) are not supported for offline reorganizations.

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