Error tolerance control

A UOW can contain a pointer error that prevents the reorganization function from processing root or dependent segment chains. If such an error is encountered in a UOW, the reorganization function terminates.

The ERROR_THRESHOLD keyword can be used to enable the reorganization function to encounter and bypass a specified number of UOWs containing pointer errors without terminating. When ERROR_THRESHOLD is used with the REORGANIZE command, any UOW where a pointer error is detected is not reorganized (remains unchanged). Processing continues with the next eligible UOW. When the number of UOWs where errors are encountered exceeds the value specified on the ERROR_THRESHOLD keyword, processing of the area terminates.

When the default value of 0 (zero) is in effect for the ERROR_THRESHOLD keyword, reorganization of the area terminates when the first pointer error is encountered.

The example in the following figure requests a reorganization and will bypass up to three UOWs containing pointer errors. The UOWs that contain pointer errors are not reorganized. If a fourth UOW that contains a pointer error is encountered, the reorganization is terminated.

Using the ERROR_THRESHOLD keyword to control error tolerance


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