Area data set allocation

For an offline reorganization, the area data set can be supplied in the JCL or can be accessed by using dynamic allocation.

The areaname DD statement identifies the area data set to be reorganized. If the areaname DD statement is omitted from the JCL, Fast Path Reorg/EP tries to dynamically allocate it.

The IMSACB DD statement identifies the ACB library containing the database definition that describes the area that is referenced by the areaname DD statement.

If you are using dynamic allocation, do not include the areaname DD statement. Fast Path Reorg/EP tries to obtain the data set name for allocation in the following order:

  1. If the INPUT_DSN_MASK keyword is specified, it is used to generate the data set name.

  2. If DBRC is active and the area is registered, the registered area data set name is obtained from DBRC.

  3. The STEPLIB is searched for the DFSMDA member that contains the data set name for this area.

  4. If DBRC is active and the area is registered with DBRC, the allocated data set name must match the registered data set name regardless of how it is allocated.

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