DBRC considerations for Initializing a DEDB

When DBRC is active during the execution of the initialization function, and the area is registered with DBRC, Fast Path/EP verifies from DBRC that the area is marked as Recovery Needed. It also obtains authorization for exclusive access (EX) from DBRC for the area data set, as shown in the following table.

DBRC setting for the initialization function



Recovery Needed flag


Exclusive access (EX)


If your areas do not reflect the appropriate Recovery Needed condition, their status must be changed before execution of the initialization function. To set the Recovery Needed flag ON, execute the DBRC utility by using the command shown in the following figure.

DBRC command for setting the Recovery Needed flag on

areaname1) RECOV

Multiple area data sets (MADS) are not supported. The initialization function initializes only the first area data set that is registered in the ADS list (in collating sequence by DD name). All other area data sets are marked unavailable. After initialization processing has completed, use the IBM Online MADS Create utility to initialize the other (unavailable) area data sets.

When initialization processing is completed, the initialization function resets the Recovery Needed flag.


The initialization process also creates a REORG record in DBRC, if DBRC detects that this record is required for recovery.

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