Suppressing repetitious messages

For each anomaly that is encountered in an area, the analysis function generates a message with a specific suffix (severity) level.

When the number of places that a particular condition exists is large, a large number of messages is produced.

You can reduce the number of repetitious messages by using the MESSAGE_SUPPRESSION keyword. Use this keyword to specify the maximum number of times that any given informational, warning, error or critical message is to be produced. In the example in below figure, the MESSAGE_SUPPRESSION keyword is used to specify that a warning message be issued no more than 10 times and that an error message be produced no more than 15 times. When messages are suppressed in this way, Fast Path Analyzer/EP produces a summary of the number of times that each message has been suppressed.

ANALYZE DBD=dbdname,IAREA=areaname,

To suppress the generation of orphaned SDEP error messages, you can specify ORPHANED_SDEP_MSG=NONE as shown in below figure.

ANALYZE DBD=dbdname,
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