Requesting analysis with IMAGE COPY PLUS or RECOVERY PLUS

You can invoke the Fast Path Analyzer/EP analysis function from within the BMC IMAGE COPY PLUS (ICP) or RECOVERY PLUS for IMS (RVP) products. This capability allows the analysis and utility functions to share the database I/O. You must have a license for Fast Path Analyzer/EP to perform this invocation and I/O sharing.

To request that the analysis function be invoked by these utilities, code the utility JCL and control statements normally. For detailed information about the JCL and control statements that are required, see the  IMAGE COPY PLUS documentation and RECOVERY PLUS for IMS documentation . You must code FPA(Y) on the appropriate utility control statements to request that the analysis function be invoked.

You must include the Fast Path/EP product library within the STEPLIB concatenation. Unless all libraries within the STEPLIB concatenation are APF authorized, the utility must have access to the BMC Database Utilities Subsystem.

The analysis function requires access to the ACB library containing the definitions for the areas to be analyzed. The IMSACB DD statement can be included in your JCL or accessed by using dynamic allocation. For more information about allocation of the ACBLIB, see Dynamic allocation of data sets.

The example JCL in the following figure shows how to invoke the analysis function from IMAGE COPY PLUS. The JCL to invoke the analysis function from RECOVERY PLUS is similar to this example.

 IC  DBD(dbdname)  AREA(AREANAME) FPA(Y)... 
control statements ---

The analysis function generates commands internally to control the analysis process for the selected areas. The internally generated commands are shown in the following figure:

ANALYZE  DBD=dbdname,IAREA=areaname

You can include a PFPSYSIN DD statement to specify different ANALYZE keywords and subcommands. If you code an ANALYZE command with a matching DBD name and IAREA name, your command overrides the internally generated command. You can also use the GLOBAL command to override analysis parameters.

If your PFPSYSIN control statements contain commands other than GLOBAL and ANALYZE, these commands are ignored. Any ANALYZE commands that specify a database or area not being processed by the ICP or RVP utility are ignored.

The following keywords are ignored on any ANALYZE command:




The IC subcommand is ignored if it is coded under the ANALYZE or GLOBAL command.

You can include a PFPOPTS DD statement to specify any Fast Path Analyzer/EP options, such options that are required for requesting repository processing.

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