Analysis of an image copy

The analysis function can read and analyze an image copy of a DEDB. The operating characteristics during analysis of an image copy data set are as follows:

  • The DEDB area data set is not accessed.

  • Any standard image copy data set can be analyzed, including data sets that are created by using concurrent processing.

The characteristics of the analysis depend on the type of image copy being analyzed. Analysis of a batch image copy (one that represents a valid recovery point) resembles analysis of a DEDB by using the offline method. Analysis of a concurrent image copy (one that does not represent a recovery point) resembles analysis of a DEDB by using the concurrent method.


When an offline analysis is performed with an image copy as input, no data will be sent to the Fast Path repository that is in MAXM Database Advisor for IMS, because the data set name of the image copy will not match the data set name of the area data set that is registered in MAXM Database Advisor.

Inputs and outputs

The following figure shows the analysis function with an image copy that is used as input.

Control statement

The JCL for analysis of an image copy is shown in below figure

In this example, the input image copy and ACB library are accessed by using dynamic allocation.

//               DD DSN=IMS.RESLIB,DISP=SHR
//PFPSYSIN       DD *
ANALYZE         DBD=dbdname, IAREA=areaname,
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