Analysis function overview

The Fast Path Analyzer/EP analysis function gathers the data required for assessing data entry database (DEDB) capacity and performance characteristics and for making DEDB maintenance decisions.

Using the ANALYZE command, subcommands, and keyword parameters, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Analyze information about single or multiple areas

  • Validate pointer data

  • Generate reports

  • Set thresholds for exception condition detection

  • Retain data in a statistics repository

  • Retrieve the data for historical reporting

  • Generate input to the Area Change Modeling Utility feature

The analysis function analyzes and validates the content and structure of DEDBs. The function can analyze an area data set or an image copy of an area data set. The analysis function includes the following features:

User-specified keywords

Keywords and keyword parameters let you control and customize the analysis.

Pointer validation

The validation function examines and validates pointer data during every analysis.


The analysis function computes statistics and analyzes information about single or multiple areas and presents the results in reports.


User-specified values set threshold criteria by which to perform analysis to detect exception conditions.

Statistics repository

The statistics repository can store information for historical reporting.

Fast Path Analyzer/EP includes the following utilities that can use input from the analysis function to improve database performance and integrity:

Area Change Modeling Utility

The Area Change Modeling utility lets you model a potential DEDB change before performing it.

SDEP Space Utilization Utility

The SDEP Space Utilization Utility lets you track usage of the SDEP portions of your area.

Control Interval Dump and Modification Utility

The command-driven Control Interval Dump and Modification Utility lets you dump, inspect, verify, or modify the entire contents of a database control interval (CI). This utility can be used to repair pointer errors and VSAM control information even when standard VSAM utilities do not provide access to the data. This utility can also be used to print the contents of the DMAC block for an area.

For more information about these utilities, see the Fast Path/EP Series Reference Manual documentation .

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