Fast Path Reorg/EP

If you elect to perform database reorganizations within the batch maintenance window, the Fast Path Reorg/EP product provides a variety of reorganization functions to reclaim space and restructure databases with minimal database downtime.

By delivering increased speed and flexibility, Fast Path Reorg/EP helps you plan and execute DEDB maintenance operations more effectively.

Key product functions are summarized as follows:

  • The patented Intelligent Reorg feature recognizes and reorganizes only UOWs that require reorganization. This technique eliminates unnecessary I/O by ignoring UOWs that would not benefit from a reorganization. It also lets you fine-tune DEDB reorganization by selecting only certain UOWs for reorganization. You can select either of the following:

    • Only UOWs that extend into independent overflow (IOVF)

    • Only UOWs that exceed a threshold percent of disorganization

  • The reorganization function lets you optimize performance and reclaim space by processing only UOWs that are disorganized, leaving organized UOWs unaffected. Space reclamation is performed efficiently, without the high-I/O of unload and reload processing.

  • The database change function lets you rapidly alter a database, changing the DBD, without I/O-intensive unload and reload of the DEDB. The function reads the DEDB from DASD or from an image copy data set, and writes the restructured DEDB directly to DASD.

  • The patented Extend function lets you increase the size of IOVF and SDEP storage portions of a DEDB during reorganization without unload and reload processing.

  • The unload and reload function provides the capability to execute traditional offline DEDB unloads and reloads. When their use is appropriate, the unload and reload functions provide advanced features and controls as compared to traditional unload and reload processing.

  • The reorganize, change, unload, and reload functions let you take one or more image copies of the DEDB concurrently.

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