Fast Path Analyzer/EP

For customers who elect to perform database analysis within the batch maintenance window, the Fast Path Analyzer/EP product provides a variety of functions to analyze and produce statistics on DEDBs with minimal downtime.

Key product functions are summarized as follows:

  • The validation function examines, verifies and reports on pointer data, including segment pointers, root addressable pointers (RAPs), and SDEP pointers.

  • The analysis function computes and analyzes information about single or multiple areas. User-specified thresholds can be used to set statistical analysis limits. An area data set or an image copy can be used as input to an analyze function.

  • The analysis function lets you take one or more image copies of the DEDB concurrently.

  • A variety of reports provide comprehensive analysis data to help you monitor and manage performance characteristics, space usage and physical attributes of DEDBs.

  • A statistics repository stores information for immediate retrieval and complete record-keeping of historical DEDB activity. User-specified thresholds allow statistical reporting limits and close monitoring of database performance.

  • An area change modeling utility lets you model the effect of a potential DEDB change before performing it.

  • Auxiliary utilities that are provided with Fast Path Analyzer/EP allow VSAM zap/dumps, reporting on SDEP space usage, and invocation of DEDB randomizing routines.

By using Fast Path Analyzer/EP with Fast Path Reorg/EP, you can analyze and reorganize an offline DEDB simultaneously.

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