Viewing the results of a compliance standard

  1. From the Management Console, select Compliance Standards.
  2. In the Standards page, locate the standard that you ran and select View Compliance from the list box in that row.
    In the Standard Compliance page, the Results section displays the host on which the compliance was run, the number of checks run, and the time that they were run.
    1. In the Results section, click a host name to view specific details of each check that was run on that host, including the description of the check, when it was last run, the status returned after the check, and percentage of compliance.
      BMC Database Automation (BDA) supports the following statuses:

      Exit CodeStatusDefault state of check




      13NON COMPLIANTNon-compliant

      For example, if a check returns exit code 10, the check is compliant.
      Any exit status that does not match the exit code is interpreted as INDETERMINATE.

    2. In the Compliance Standards section, you can print, export, or delete the results from selecting the appropriate option from the menu.

    3. For non-compliant standards you can perform any of the following options:

      • Click Show Check Output in the Message column to expand the message to display information about why the check failed.

      • For non-compliant standards, you can click Show Recommendation in the Message column to expand the message to display information about recommended actions to make the check compliant.

      • Run a remediation check on the standard to correct the problem. To do this, create a Remediation Action for a specific standard. When the Remedation Action is run, BDA displays a list of candidates which have failed the checks that the Remediation Action is configured to fix. Select the candidates that you want to fix and then run the Remediation Action. After the Remediation Action is run, you must run the Standard again to update the compliance results.
      • For a MANUAL COMPLIANT or MANUAL NON-COMPLIANT status, you can mark that standard as complete so that compliance reports will count those checks in the Compliance % field. Job results provide information to audit check result changes so that you can meet compliance audits. For more information, see Editing the results of a compliance check.

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Editing the results of a compliance check

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