Upgrade process overview

This topic provides the information you need to prepare your environment for the upgrade process. It includes information about supported upgrade paths and instructions for preparing to upgrade the BMC Database Automation (BDA) system.


Starting from BDA version 8.9.01, you might not be able to apply older Oracle quarterly patches. You need to use quarterly patches published on or after October 2016. Similarly, actions those use clarity-perl Xerces library for parsing need to be rewritten to make it compatible with BDA version 8.9.01 and later. Starting with 8.9.01, BDA does not support Xerces parser. BMC recommends using libxml for the same.

Supported upgrade paths

The following figures illustrate the supported upgrade paths from various BDA versions to BDA 8.9:


BDA 8.9 upgrade paths

Manager and agent compatibility

In BMC Database Automation, different versions of the Manager and agents are not supported. Both the Manager and agents need to be on the same version of BMC Database Automation. For example, version 8.9.02 Manager is not compatible with version 8.9.01 agent.

Command Line Tools

If you are using Command Line Tools and upgrading to BDA 8.9, make sure that the Command Line Tools are also upgraded to 8.9. See Upgrading the Command Line Tools

Compliance Standards (Applicable for versions 8.9.01 and later)

If you are using BDA Compliance Standards and upgrading to version 8.9.01 of BDA, you must download the updated compliance content that is compatible with version 8.9.01 from the BMC Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) site. Older versions of compliance standards are not compatible with version 8.9.01.

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Preparing for upgrade

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