Pre-staging a patch package

Before you install or deploy a patch package, you can copy the media to the patch candidate and then extract it to optimize the patch application process. This process is called pre-staging. 

Before you pre-stage a patch package, you must copy the patch media to the manager.

Pre-staging process consists of the following steps:

  1. Checks whether the patch media exists on the Manager.  
  2. Validates whether the patch candidate has the required space. 
  3. Creates a patch media ZIP file on the Manager.
  4. Generates a checksum file for the ZIP file on the Manager.
  5. Uploads the patch media ZIP file to the patch candidate (s).
  6. Generates the checksum file of the uploaded ZIP file.
  7. Extracts patch media on the patch candidate.
  8. Validates the contents of the checksum file on the patch candidate. 

The following topics provide instructions for pre-staging a patch package:


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