Managing applications

BMC Database Automation supports two different types of applications:

  • Generic applications. Generic applications are arbitrary applications on hosts that run the BMC Database Automation agent. Examples include Oracle Enterprise Manager agents, Oracle Golden Gate, Microsoft SQL Tools, Microsoft IIS, Microsoft Reporting Services,  SQL Sentry, and so forth. The generic applications capability enables discovery and representation of information surrounding applications in the Management Console and supports the ability to run BMC Database Automation Actions on these entities.

    After approval, generic applications display in the Management Console. For example, tools that are installed as part of an SQL Server instance installation can be approved and viewed within the Management Console and subsequently managed.
  • Application schemas. Database schemas (also known as application schemas) are named collections that associate databases with Actions and functional roles. This enables BMC Database Automation to deploy application schemas to target databases using Actions, while tracking their deployment status. You can create multiple Actions that either deploy an application schema to a database that does not already have it (Deploys Actions) or update an application schema that already has the application schema deployed to it (Applies To Actions).

    You can also categorize databases by functional role names such as Development, QA, Production, or any customized role name you choose.

The following topics provide information and instructions for managing applications in your environment:

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