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Configuring failover period on Agents

In a Multi-Manager environment, agents can be configured to fail over to alternate Satellite Managers. If Agents lose communication with a Manager, after a specified amount of time (the default is 60 minutes), the Agents re-direct themselves to another, active Satellite Manager. Nodes, including their databases, appear on the alternate Satellite Manager in their appropriate domain.

Alien nodes connected to a Satellite Manager that is not their Primary ‘Home’ Manager have an option titled ‘Send Back to Primary’ that can be used (when the Primary Satellite Manager is back online) to send the agents back ‘Home’.

This topic describes how to configure the amount of time an Agent can lose communication with the Primary Manager (the controlling Satellite Manager) before control is temporarily switched over to another Satellite Manager in the mesh.

To configure failover period on Agents

  1. Log on to a target Agent in your environment.
  2. Open the dagent.conf file in a text editor.
    In UNIX and Linux based servers, dagent.conf is found in the /app/clarity/dagent/etc directory.
    In Windows-based servers, dagent.conf is found in the install_location\GridApp Systems\Clarity\agent directory.
  3. Edit the following line:
    service=static NodeInitter "-s 15 -u 0 -ffailover_time"

    failover_time is in seconds. The default value is 3600.


    Unlike other lines in the dagent.conf file, there cannot be a space between the f and the number.

  4. Save the dagent.conf file.
  5. Restart the Agent.
  6. Repeat the above steps on any other target Agents in your environment.
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