Configuring change control

BMC Database Automation can be configured to work with BMC Remedy IT Service Management (ITSM) Change Management to track and control provisioning, patching, and Actions in your environment. This section describes how to configure the settings that BMC Database Automation uses to connect to the BMC Atrium Orchestrator server that mediates the connection to BMC Remedy ITSM.

To configure change control


In a standalone configuration, configure change control on the Manager. In a Multi-Manager configuration, configure change control only on Satellite Managers, not on the Content Manager.
  1. Open the /app/clarity/dmanager/etc/mtd.conf file in a text editor.
  2. To enable the Application Programming Interface (API) listener, uncomment the following line:
    service=static MtdApiSoapAcceptor "-c 2 -s 0 -p 8087 -k /app/clarity/dmanager/etc/server.key -x /app/clarity/dmanager/etc/server.pem -y /app/clarity/dmanager/etc/cacert.pem"


    If you enable SSL by setting –s to 1, you must also provide valid SSL server keys and certificates, or you will be unable to connect to the API.

  3. Save the file and close the editing session.
  4. Enter the following command to restart the mtd service:
    /etc/init.d/mtd restart
  5. In the Context Frame, select Configuration > Change Control Configuration.
  6. In the Change Control Configuration page, populate the following fields.



    Enable Change Control

    Select to enable the use of BMC Remedy ITSM to control change in your environment.

    AO Server URL

    Type the URL for the BMC Atrium Orchestrator server.

    AO Grid name

    Type the grid name for the BMC Atrium Orchestrator server.

    AO Username

    Type a user name to access the BMC Atrium Orchestrator server.

    AO Password

    Type the password for the BMC Atrium Orchestrator server user name.

  7. To ensure that the settings are accurate before you save them, click Test Connection to test the connection to the BMC Atrium Orchestrator server.
  8. If the test is successful, go on to the next step.
    If the test is unsuccessful, verify that the BMC Atrium Orchestrator server URL, grid name, and user credentials are correct.
  9. Click Save Configuration.
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