8.9.00 enhancements

Database, OS, and browser support

BDA 8.9 introduces Manager support on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7.
For additional information, see OS requirements for the Manager.


Command Line Utilities (bdacli) with RHEL7 Managers will be certified in an upcoming release.

BDA 8.9 adds the following new database support:

  • Oracle 12.2 on RHEL 6 and RHEL 7
    Includes: Standalone, Grid infrastructure (RAC / Restart), Flex Cluster (Hub / Leaf Node), Pluggable Databases and RAC One Node support
    See Setting up Oracle media for Linux and UNIX for 12.2-specific instructions. 
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2016 on Windows Server 2012
    Includes: Clustered and Standalone, and Always On Availability Group support 

An updated version of the BDA Mediaprep utility is also available. See Setting up SQL Server media

Mediaprep support for SQL Server 2016 CU1 and CU2 will be delivered with BDA 8.9 Patch 1. In 8.9, you can use Inline Patching to work around this.

Additionally, Microsoft Edge browser support is now available.

For more information about supported databases, OS, and browsers in BDA 8.9, see:

DB2 enhancements

BDA 8.9 builds on the DB2 enhancements introduced in BDA 8.8. There is now native support for provisioning and removal of DB2 databases, which includes new template types, wizards, and environment variables.
A Database Encryption configuration page is available in the Create DB2 database wizard when creating databases on DB2 instances that are version 10.5 fixpack 5 or later.


Additionally, direct BDA provisioning of DB2 10.5 fixpacks 6 and 7 is now supported.

Compliance content

New BDA Compliance Standard for CIS: DB2 10 is now available. For a complete list of published BDA compliance content, see the BMC Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) site.

RFEs and Supportability improvements

This version of BDA provides the following supportability enhancements:

  • A new bdacli_unapproved.pl command line utility lists unapproved objects that are under Pending Approval in BDA. [IDEA 4527]
  • The patch_candidates.pl and patch_removal_candidates.pl command line tools support a ‘timeout’ parameter defined in seconds (for example, --timeout 45) that can be used to override the default timeout for generating a list of patch or rollback candidates.
  • The GA_NODE_STATE=ACTIVE|STANDBY environment variable is now set in Oracle VCS Database Upgrade jobs. See Oracle on Linux and UNIX environment variables.
  • The delete_action.pl, delete_template.pl and delete_patch.pl scripts, available under /app/clarity/manager_scripts/bin/, enable you to delete content from the corresponding BDA Repository from the command line on a Standalone Manager or a Content Manager.
    See <script_name>.pl --help for additional information. [IDEA 12617 & 13658]
  • The move_node_to.pl script, available under /app/clarity/manager_scripts/bin/, enables you to move multiple nodes from one domain to another from the command line on a Standalone Manager or a Satellite Manager.
    See move_node_to.pl --help for additional information. [IDEA 4047]
  • The Oracle Patch Candidates page now displays Oracle Homes that do not have any databases installed. [IDEA 3856]
  • The version of OpenSSL included in BDA has been updated to 1.0.2h.

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