2020 Release 01

This topic contains information about enhancements in 2020 Release 01 of the BMC Database Automation (BDA) product, and provides instructions for downloading and installing the product update.


This product update includes the following enhancements:

Product Alerts

Product Alerts feature is added to notifies BDA users about new releases, compliance deliveries, and others.

For more information, see Understanding product alerts (2020 Release 01).

New field in Jobs grid and enhancement in search jobs functionality

Node field is added on the Jobs grid. Also, search jobs functionality is enhanced to include Title, Node, and host name.

For more information, see Monitoring jobs and viewing job history.

New fields in the MS SQL Server Patch Install Candidates page

The following fields are added:

  • Reboot Node If Required (before patching)
  • Reboot Node (after successful patching)

For more details, see Installing an SQL Server patch package.

New fields in the MS SQL Server Patch Rollback Candidates page

The following fields are added:

  • Reboot Node If Required (before rollback)
  • Reboot Node (after successful rollback)

For more details, see Rolling back a previously applied SQL Server patch package.

Google Chrome support

BDA now supports Google Chrome browser.

For more information, see Web browser requirements.

Microsoft SQL Server 2019 database is now supported

BDA now supports Microsoft SQL Server 2019 database.

For more information, see Microsoft SQL Server.

Microsoft cluster service is now supported

BDA now supports SQL Server 2019 cluster service.

For more information, see Clustering software supported.

Updates to debug parameter on dmanager.conf file

The value of debug parameter is set to off.

For more information, see dmanager.conf.

Downloading the product update

For download instructions, see Downloading the installation files.


(2020 Release 01 only) You can perform a new installation of BDA Manager only on RHEL 7 or later. Apache version 2.4.6 or later is required.

Installing the product update

For installation instructions, see Applying maintenance, patches, or fixes.

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