Scheduling data export to the data warehouse database

To support the reporting functions provided by BMC Database Automation, or to use BMC Decision Support – Database Automation to create reports for your environment, you must add the run_export script to the crontab file on the Manager so that the data to create the reports is regularly sent from the Manager to the data warehouse database. This topic describes how to schedule the run_export script to be run in crontab to regularly export data to the data warehouse database.

To schedule data export to the data warehouse database

  1. Log in to the Manager as root.
  2. Open the crontab file for editing:
    sudo crontab -e
  3. Schedule the running of the run_export script by using one of the following two commands:
  • MN HR DT MO DA*/app/clarity/manager_scripts/bin/run_export > /dev/null 2>&1
  • (To save details to a log file; command should be typed all on one line):
    MN HR DT MO DA */app/clarity/manager_scripts/bin/run_export > /var/log/bda_wh_export.log 2>&1

    This syntax will not risk filling any partition (the latest run will always zero and overwrite the previous log file).
    • MN is minute (0-59, * for every minute)
    • HR is hour (0-23, * for every hour)
    • DM is day of the month (1-31, * for every day of the month)
    • MO is month (1-12, * for every month)
    • DW is day of the week (0-6, 0 is Sunday, * for every day of the week)

      For example, to schedule run_export to be run at 2 am every Friday, you would enter the following command:
      0 2 * * 5 /app/clarity/manager_scripts/bin/run_export > /dev/null 2>&1


      For Multi-Manager configurations, run_export should be executed only on Satellite Managers.

4. Save crontab.

5. Run the run_export script manually:

Where to go next

This completes the configuration necessary to support reports for BMC Database Automation. For more information on reporting, see Managing reports.

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