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December 20, 201920.19.03: 2019 Release 03
  • IBM DB2 11.5 (Enterprise Server Edition) is now supported
  • REST API updates
  • Updates to SQL Server patch package
  • Updates to Oracle 19c media path
  • PHP is upgraded to version 7.2.24

  • DISA compliances upgrades
  • Security updates and fixes
August 21, 201920.19.02: 2019 Release 02
  • Oracle 19c, Enterprise edition is now fully supported
  • A new feature is added for scheduled Agent upgrade for all nodes
  • REST API added for Node activities and Database provisioning functions
  • Patching job improvements
  • Show Patch List for Oracle databases
  • Support for PostgreSQL version 11.2
  • PHP is upgraded to version 7.2.20

  • Updated CIS Compliances for MSSQL
  • Security updates and fixes
April 18, 201920.19.01: 2019 Release 01
  • BDA prerequisite updated to use Java OpenJDK 11

  • Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2019
  • Support for IBM DB2 11.1 (Enterprise Server Edition, Advanced Enterprise Server Edition and Advanced Workgroup Server Edition)
  • Support for Windows Server Failover Clusters using PowerShell rather than cluster.exe
  • Parallel patching job improvements for Oracle to start the related database even if patching fails
  • Addressed security fixes for Third party software vulnerabilities
  • Added security updates to gridapp.conf file
  • Product versioning changed to use year Release releaseNumber convention


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From any page in the space, use the following procedure to create a PDF of either the current page or multiple pages (a parent topic and its child topics):
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  2. From the Browse menu in the upper-right, select Export to PDF:


    • Although you can export to Microsoft Word, this portal is not optimized for Word exports.
    • If you require an export in XML or HTML format, contact us.
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      By default, the Standard template exports the current page and its child pages.
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      • Only this page to export the current page
      • This page and its children to export an entire section (current page and any child topics)


    In this example, selecting This page and its children creates a PDF of all topics in the space's "Reference" section:

  5. Click Export.

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