Managing SQL Server patch packages

For each patch package in the Patching Repository Listing page, you can select any of the following patch management options.

Actions Field



Displays patch package details.

NEW IN 8.9.02Pre-Stage

Copies the patch media to the patch candidate and extracts it.

For more information about the pre-staging process, see Pre-staging a patch package. For more information about pre-staging a SQL Server patch package, see Pre-staging a SQL Server patch package.


See Installing a SQL Server patch package.


See Rolling back a previously applied SQL Server patch package.


Enables you to run patch verification tests only. You cannot initiate a patch job by using this wizard.


Displays the patch package settings and permits changes to be made.


Enables you to export a BMC Database Automation patch package from the patch repository. When you export a patch package, a .zip file is created and downloaded to the location you specify.


Removes that patch package from BMC Database Automation.

The Patching Repository Listing page also contains the Import Package button, which you can use to imports a patch package that was created on another Manager.

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