The following table provides information and guidelines related to integrating BMC Database Automation with other BMC products and solutions in your environment: 

GoalFor more informationBenefit
Execute the operator-initiated change workflow, which facilitates the tracking of infrastructure change actions initiated by a BMC Database Automation operator, by integrating the execution of BMC Database Automation jobs with BMC Remedy ITSM.BMC Continuous Compliance for Database AutomationEnsure compliance to the change process without requiring IT personnel to manually create change tickets. The solution reduces the risk of unauthorized and unplanned changes through enforced change tracking and automated documentation of all changes.
Execute use cases around viewing activity, patching, and inventory reports.BMC Decision Support - Database AutomationAccess and report on data captured by BMC Database Automation and stored in the reporting BMC Decision Support – Database Automation data warehouse which, along with providing a wide range of built-in reports, also enables you to easily create your own custom reports.
Using templates published to the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management product catalog, create Oracle RAC, Restart-enabled, or single database instances with every service in BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management.Integrating with BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management Reduce the number of database servers and setup requests for new database instances to be created on a smaller set of shared database servers, and share those databases amongst other services while leveraging the existing BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management environment.
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