Installing additional SQL Server workstation tools and services

By default, BMC Database Automation installs only the Configuration Tools folder for SQL Server. You can install other workstation tools such as Performance Tools, Documentation and Tutorials and SQL Server Management Studio, by editing the INI File Data field located in the Settings page of the Create an Instance of SQL Server provisioning steps. To install the documentation, add SQL_Documentation to the field.

You can also specify additional services in SQL Services.

Installing additional services for SQL Server

You can specify additional services to install by using the FEATURES field in the INI File Data field.

For example, to install the Analysis Services, Integration Services, and Reporting Services, add the following values:

  • AS
  • IS
  • RS

Your FEATURES entry would appear as follows:



See the appropriate MSDN documentation for services that can be specified in FEATURES as well as any prerequisites. For details, see

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