Accessing the interface

You can access the BMC Database Automation Manager server from any computer by using a web browser. A default system administrator account, sysadmin is available for logging on to BMC Database Automation. After logging on, you can create users and assign them roles as required. With the default setting, 100 sessions are allowed at the same time with one hour expiration. Starting with version 8.9.03, this number has been increased to 500.

Before you begin

If you want to view BMC Database Automation with Microsoft  Internet Explorer 11 and if the browser is set to display sites in the compatibility view, you  must change the browser settings. To change the settings, from the Tools menu, select the Compatibility View settings command. Clear the Display intranet sites in Compatibility View check box.

Logging on to the Manager server

  1. Start your web browser (see Web-based client system requirements for a list of supported web browsers).
  2. Note

    The port is not required if the product is installed with the default port (for example, 80 for unencrypted HTTP, 443 for HTTPS). Starting with version 8.9.02, you can configure BDA to use non-default ports as well. For more information, see Configuring non-default ports for accessing GUI.

    Starting with version 8.9.01, you cannot access the BDA GUI by providing IP address or by using logical name as the host name. To access the server, it is mandatory to provide host name or fully qualified domain name. (Applicable for versions 8.9.02 and later) If you want to still want to allow access by a logical name, set the value of the is_http_referrer_check_disabled parameter to true in the /app/clarity/dmanager/etc/d2500_config file. Keep in mind that allowing the logical name exposes BDA to security threats.

  3. (Optional) For future reference, bookmark this URL.
  4. Log on initially using the following System Administrator account:

    User Name





    After you log on once using sysadmin, for subsequent sessions, users can also be authenticated against an external LDAP directory service such as Active Directory. For more information, see Configuring LDAP authentication.

Logging out of the Manager server

When you have finished using the Manager server, click Logout.

Viewing help

The BMC Database Automation online technical documentation is available by clicking the Help link.

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