20.19.02: 2019 Release 02

This product update corrects known issues in BMC Database Automation (BDA) and introduces enhancements to the product.

Corrected issues

For more information about the issues corrected in this product update, see Known and corrected issues and select 2019 Release 02 in the Corrected in list to filter the issues in the table.


This product update includes the following enhancements:

  • Oracle 19c, Enterprise edition is now fully supported. This includes:

    • Single Instance (Windows and Linux)

    • RAC

    • Restart-enabled

  • A new feature is added for scheduled Agent upgrade for all nodes
    For more information, see Upgrading the Agents.

    • Multiple BDA Agents can now be upgraded in parallel through a scheduled BDA Job.

    • Agent upgrade can be done by node, domain or all, through Job configuration.

    • Upgrading to BDA 2019 Release 02 automatically places Agent media on the BDA Manager and hence manual steps of copying Agent media is not required.


    BMC recommends to upgrade Agents for all nodes to minimize incompatibility issues.

  • REST API updates

    • REST API added for Node activities and Database provisioning functions. For more information, see Using REST API.

  • Patching job improvements
    For more information, see Managing patching.

    • When you rerun a patch job following a failure, the job does not run on the nodes where patching was successful. It only runs on the nodes where patching had failed.

    • All nodes that had shut down during the patching job, restart automatically after patching is complete.

    • Patching job improvements are now supported for Oracle, Sybase, and MSSQL databases.

  • Show Patch List for Oracle databases

    • The Patch List for an Agent is available on the Database Configuration panel.

    • In earlier releases, this was available for MSSQL server only.

  • Updates to software prerequisites

    • Support for PostgreSQL version 11.2

    • PHP is upgraded to version 7.2.20

  • The following CIS compliances are upgraded for MSSQL:
    • CIS-MSSQL-2017-V1_0-813645
    • CIS-MSSQL-2016-V1_1-814210
    • CIS-MSSQL-2014-V1_4-814379
    • CIS-MSSQL-2012-V1_5-814382
    • CIS-MSSQL-2008-V1_6-814441
  • Security issues
    A number of application security issues are fixed in this release. These issues were reported through internal security tests.

Downloading the product update

For instructions on downloading the update, see Downloading the installation files.

Installing the product update

For instructions on installing the update, see Applying maintenance, patches, or fixes.

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