Verifying the upgrade

There are two parts of verifying the upgrade process.

This BMC Client Management video (4 mins) describes how to verify the upgrade.

To verify the master and database upgrade

When the upgrade process is finished, a terminating window appears and the agent is restarted.

You can see that the upgrade process was successful, when the agent icon reappears in the status bar. During its initialization process the icon is gray , and it is shown in blue when the agent is up and running again.

If an error occurred during the upgrade process, the agent icon stays gray. To check for the errors, open the upgrade log and the database upgrade log located in the /log directory.

To verify the client agent upgrade

After the assignment process is finished and the upgrade package has arrived at the targets, the agents are automatically upgraded.

This is the case when the status is green and Executed displays in the Status box for the respective device in the table of all assigned devices.

To verify this proceed as follows:

  • Go to a device node, either in the Device Topology or in a device group and select the device's General tab.
    The attributes Agent Version Major and Agent Version Minor should display the values 21 and 02 now. If you are applying a hotfix, the Agent Revision number should have increased by one.
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