Using the REST API

Representational State Transfer (REST) is only an architectural style and not a protocol. For example, there is no official standard for REST web services. However, it can use standards like HTTP, URI, XMS, and so on, like any standard.

The REST Web API is a web service API activated via a module in BMC Client Management by using HTTP and a collection of resources, with the following defined aspects:

  • The base URI for the web service, such as http(s)://localhost:1611/wsdoc.
  • The internet media type of data supported by the web service. This is often XML but can be any other valid internet media type provided that it is a valid hypertext standard.
  • The set of operations supported by the web service that uses the HTTP methods GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE.
  • Hypertext driven API.

For more information about activating the web services module, see Configuring the web service.

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