Troubleshooting issues when remotely controlling a device

This topic explains the issues you may encounter when remotely controlling a Macintosh and a Windows device.

Troubleshooting issues when remotely controlling a Macintosh device

If you cannot establish a remote control connection with a Mac OS X device, try rebooting the device.


When installing a CM agent for the first time on a MAC OS X device, the device must be rebooted to ensure that the remote control driver is working properly.

Troubleshooting issues when remotely controlling a Windows device

Sometimes you may encounter problems like viewing a black screen when you remote control a Windows device. It can occur if your system has wrong configuration of DirectX. In this case, you should ensure that the DirectX library is correctly installed on your device and it matches with your hardware. The DisableDirectXCapture parameter present in the Driver section of the RemoteControl.ini file gives you the possibility to bypass the display capture from the DirectX feature. This option is set to False by default. Set it to True to bypass DirectX capture and use the scanning method (less efficient). 

Please note that this option is available only for Windows 8 and higher OS.

To modify this parameter, you need to create a generic operational rule and deploy it only on the concerned device(s).


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