Troubleshooting high memory usage issue

You may find that you don`t have sufficient amount of memory for BCM Client Management available on your device. When a device is short of memory, there are some steps you can take to reduce the memory requirements of BCM. 

To reduce the amount of memory that BCM consumes, you can unload modules that you do not require on the device.  

Issue symptom 

You may face a performance issues caused by Multiple software that use a lot of memory or insufficient RAM on your device. You can see whether the reason is insufficient memory by checking the memory available. The way to check is OS dependent. 


To free the memory space and optimize its usage you can unload the BCM Client Management modules that you currently do not require on your device. For more information on how to unload the modules, see Managing agent modules.  Your choice of the module depends on its function. The following table provides examples of modules that you can unload if you do not require the features associated with that module.

Feature / Action you may not use Corresponding module 

Patch Management

Software Distribution
  • PackagerCustom
  • PackagerMsi
  • PackagerSnapshot
  • PackagerRpm

You can unload all packages
OS DeploymentOSDeployment
Managing mobilesMobileDeviceManagement
Security inventory, virtual machines management  mtxopswatproxy
Asset discovery scanners
  • HardwareInventory
  • RemoteInventory
  • SoftwareInventory

If you previously unloaded the corresponding module you can re-enable it in future if you want to use a specific feature. For more information on how to re-enable modules, see Managing agent modules

Mandatory modules 

The following modules are mandatory and are loaded by default. You cannot remove or ignore these modules:

  • HttpProtocolHandler
  • Identity
  • MtxCoreUtils
  • HostAccess
  • Relay
  • Privacy
  • UserAccess
  • AsynchronousActions
  • FileStore
  • Timer
  • EventLogManager
  • OperationalRules
  • TransferWindow
  • UpdateManager

If you unload the mandatory modules, they will be reloaded by default by the agent at restart.

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