Translating the .locale files

What is a .locale file?

A .locale file is a text file with the extension .locale . It contains all keywords used by CM and its respective translations. There is a separate .locale file for each language.

How is a .locale file structured?

A .locale file has the following structure:

KEYWORD1=Keyword1Value KEYWORD2=Keyword2Value KEYWORD3=Keyword3Value ...

Each pair of keywords and values is on a separate line. The keyword and its value are connected by an equal sign (=). A .locale file must be in UTF-8 format.

What should I translate in a .locale file?

In a .locale file only translate the value of a keyword, which is the expression on the right side of a a equal sign (=).

Never modify any part of the keyword, which is on the left side of the equal sign. If you do, the link between keyword and translation breaks and CM keywords appear instead of translations.

What is the syntax of a keyword?

A keyword has the following characteristics:

  • The general syntax of a keyword is the following: _ SECTION _ ACTION _ OBJECT _
    • For the most important SECTION s see the table.
    • ACTION is generally composed of a verb only or a verb plus its child
    • OBJECT is the element on which the action is executed, for example, ASSIGNGROUP_QUERY (Assign a group to a query)
  • Each keyword starts and ends with an underscore, with the exception of values directly coming from the CM agent database, which cannot be forced into this scheme. These keyword values appear as they are (. that is, as simple text, such as DebugLogMax)
  • The "name" part of an element name is generally dropped for the keyword (for example, COLNAME_DEVICE for the table column "Device Name".
  • The following abbreviations are used:
    • Administrator = ADMIN
    • Operational rule(s) = OPRULE(S) or OR(S)
    • Parameter(s) = PARAM(S)
    • Attribute(s) = ATTR(S)
    • Database Server(s) = DBSERVER(S)
    • Hardware Inventory = HWINVENTORY
    • Software Inventory = SWINVENTORY
    • Transfer Window Folder = TWFOLDER

The most important SECTION s are:




Name of an action, menu item, window, button, and so on.


Any type of values or messages being generated from the CM agent


Name of an action, menu item, window, button, and so on.


Name of a table column


Any type of values or messages being generated from the CM agent


Constants in drop-down lists in dialogs


Values from the database


Text returned by errors


Title right window pane if different from the node name


All elements that can appear on the home page


Any type of item appearing in the main window of the Agent Interface , such as field names, and so on.


Name of menus, those of the Console as well as those of the Agent Interface


Any content appearing in simple message boxes on the screen


Any item appearing in the right window panes which are not boxes or table elements, or do not fit in any of the other sections.


MSI package specific items in the right window panes


Name of the tree node in the left window pane


Explanations of the contents of a browser page


All items contained in a pop-up window


All elements of the Preferences dialog


All schedule specific items


All elements of the search tab


Snapshot specific items in the right window panes


Info appearing in the status bar of the main window


This is the prefix for all subtitles of the Agent Interface


Elements with this prefix pertain to software inventory


Name of the tabs in the right window pane


Titles of the Agent Interface


All tooltip expressions – for each action there is a tooltip equivalent


Title of a dialog

Is there anything else I need to pay attention to?

Make sure that:

  • you do not modify any keywords
  • you do not modify the structure of the file with a pair of keywords and values per line
  • every space ( ) in the value is preceded by a backslash (/), for example, Create/ Package/ Folder...
  • you save the file in UTF-8 format
  • you do not modify the file name

Can I add new keywords to the .locale file?

You can add new keywords to the .locale file, but they have no functionality in BMC Client Management.

Do I have to translate all keyword values?

If you want all elements of CM to appear in your new language, you have to translate all keyword values of the .locale file. You can also just translate keyword values that are important to you and leave the rest in the original language of the .locale file.

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