Super master architecture

A super master in BMC Client Management is designed to consolidate and report on the data provided by the site masters, which will execute all network management tasks in their part of the organization's infrastructure. The super master stores the inventory data uploaded by the site master servers at the different locations of the organization, and then may generate reports on these.

Depending on the configuration of the site masters, part or all of the following types of inventory data may consolidated in the super master's database, the data will be uploaded by the site masters right after it was integrated in the local database:

  • Device information (name, IP address, domain name, etc.) from the list of autodiscovered devices
  • All available types of inventory

The super master itself is completely autonomous. It may create its own configurations for a number of specific objects, such as:

  • Objects that are required for reporting: queries, device groups, patch groups, and reports
  • Device settings such as when a client is lost
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