Scheduling report generation

When a report is created, it is automatically assigned a scheduler. You can modify the schedule for the currently selected report from the Assigned Schedule tab of the Reports node to define when and at which frequency the report is to run. When it is created, the scheduler is deactivated by default. Initially, when a report is assigned to one or more objects of the same type, the same scheduler is created and applied to all objects. However, this common schedule can be modified for the individual object at their respective assigned reports location. The default settings of the scheduler's timer are to execute the report once a minute until manually stopped. The timer settings can also be modified manually by editing the CronSpec entry in the Timer module of the respective device.

Modifying the schedule of a report

  1. Select Reports in the left window pane.
  2. Select the desired report in the left window pane.
  3. Select the Assigned Schedule tab in the right window pane.
  4. Select the schedule you want to modify.
  5. Select Edit > Properties .
    The Scheduler dialog box appears.
  6. Make the desired changes the available options.
  7. Click OK to confirm the modification.

The schedule for the selected report was modified. From now on the new timing is applied.


Be aware, that only the schedules of those assigned objects is modified, that have not yet been individually modified in their respective locations.

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