Remotely controlling a device

BMC Client Management web console enables you to remotely connect to a device and record the remote session.

Click the Remote Control tab from the Welcome page. The remote control page is displayed. This page has the following tabs.

Remote Control

On this tab, you can search for a device, remotely connect to a device, and record a remote session. For more information, refer to Remotely controlling a device through a web browser.

Remote Control on Request

On this tab, you can generate a package for the remote control session on request. Once you have the package is installed, you can establish a connection to the device. 

To record a remote session on an umanaged device

  1. In the Manage Session section, click  next to the device that you want to remotely control.
  2. After a connection is established, select a device control level:
    • Allow view only
    • Allow full control
  3. Click  from the toolbar to start the recording.
  4. Click  from the toolbar to stop the recording.
  5. To terminate the remote control session, click End Session or close the pop-up window.

The recording of this session is available on the Recordings and History tabs. For more information on remotely controlling an unmanaged device, see Remotely controlling an unmanaged device.


On this tab, you can find all the recordings. You can search for a device and/or filter by date to refine your search. A list of recordings is displayed as shown in the following image.

This page also enables you to download, lock/unlock, delete, and add notes to the recordings.


You can keep a track of the remote sessions performed on a device. The History tab displays a list of remote sessions performed on the device along with details such as device name, administrator, and sessions start date and end date. You can check if the recording is available for each entry in the remote control history list by using the Recording column.

You can filter this list by device name, administrator name, and date range by using the filter. For more information on remote session history, see Managing remote control session history via web console.

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