Preparing for upgrade

This topic contains the instructions for performing any necessary pre-installation procedures.

This BMC Client Management video (3 mins 18 seconds) describes how to upgrade BMC Client Management.

Before you begin

  • If you have an BMC Helix Client Management installation and your system is properly set up, all BMC Helix Client Management components should be automatically upgraded.
  • Make sure you have a valid license for your upgrade to the current version. Your current license continues to work for 30 days after the upgrade. You can download your new license from your support profile on our website, or by contacting Technical Support.
  • If you are currently using Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 to access the agent interface, you can no longer display the graphics of these pages. You must upgrade to a newer browser. For more information, see System requirements.
  • The installer and install/upgrade scripts check if the OS and the current BMC Client Management version is supported by BMC Client Management version 21.02.
  • Clear the check-boxes for Windows XP, 2008, and Vista on the Check Operating System step from the Upgrade operational rule.

The following section explains how to obtain the files that you need for the upgrade of BMC Client Management from your current version to version 21.02.02. The following topics describe the upgrade process and provide information that you can use to prepare your environment for the upgrade.

Files to download

The following table lists the upgrade archives to download according to the instructions in Downloading the upgrade archives.

Hyperlink on EPD page

Files downloaded from hyperlink

BMC Client Management, 21.02.02 Open link

BMC Client Management, 21.02.02, product installer files (zip and MD5 format)

The product files that you download from the BMC Software Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) website might contain some or all of the patches listed on a product's Customer Support web page. If the EPD page shows that a patch is included in a file that you downloaded, you do not need to obtain that patch separately.

To download the upgrade archives

  1. Create a directory in which to place the downloaded archives.

  2. Download the required installer files from  BMC Client Management, 21.02.02 Open link

  3. The Product tab lists the Full and Update installer files.

  4. Click a file to download now by HTTP or select multiple files to download through a customized FTP link.

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