OSD Managers

All operations about any deployments are directly done on the OSD Manager. It creates operating system images for deployment to individual devices or groups of devices, called targets or target lists.

The OSD Manager is responsible for creating the deployment projects for all targets in your environment and dispatching them to the respective image repositories and network boot listeners. It executes also the function of image repository and can be a network boot listener in addition.

The OSD Manager node has the following tabs:

  • Dashboard
  • Members
  • Graph
  • USB Device
  • Storage

The OSD Manager node has the following subnodes:

  • Configuration
  • Drivers
  • Images
  • Disk Configurations
  • Target Lists
  • Projects
  • PXE Menus
  • Multicast Sessions
  • One node for each defined Image Repository
  • One node for each defined Network Boot Listener

This BMC Client Management video (2 mins 58 seconds) describes how to configure the OSD manager.


The following topics provide more information about managing OSD managers:

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