Modifying the default schedule for an operational rule

If you don't define it otherwise, the default schedule is used for distributing Operational Rules . With the default schedule an Operational Rule is assigned and executed immediately and only once. You can modify it so that all Operational Rules with the default schedule are distributed according to your requirements.

  1. Click the Options > User Preferences menu item.
    The Preferences dialog displays.
  2. Click Object Assignments in the left pane.
    • To change the default schedule, click Modify , then define your schedule in the Validity and Frequency tabs and click OK .
    • To change the default assignment date, in the Assignment Date group box select the Deferred to radio button and define your desired date and time in the two drop-down lists.
  3. Click OK to confirm you changes.

You modified the default schedule. The next time an Operational Rule is assigned and executed with the default schedule, your new schedule is applied.

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