Mobile device management

Mobile phones and tablets are widely used by enterprises to help their employees stay connected to business data round-the-clock. Business data includes corporate emails, meetings, corporate contacts, as well as other documents and files stored in the local or removable storage of a mobile device. Like all other devices in the IT infrastructure, it is necessary to manage configurations, applications, and security for mobile devices. BMC Client Management supports mobile device management for iOS mobile devices. 


In BMC Client Management, any mobile device (with or without calling feature) is referred as a mobile device.

After one-time enrollment, the IT administrators can manage the mobile devices from the BMC Client Management console.

Mobile device management key features

The following are the key features of mobile device management:

  • Collect inventories, run queries, and generate reports to meet organizational and statutory compliance requirements
  • Keep track of the licensed software usage and the financial information of a mobile device during its lifecycle
  • Control the configurations of the managed mobile
    For example, you can create configuration profiles that can be set to all managed mobile devices in your organization. You could restrict mobile camera usage; or you could allow camera usage, but prevent it from recording videos.
  • Create a list of applications and install them on mobile devices
    Using mobile commands, you can install applications on the managed mobile devices. Even if the user manually removes the application, setting the Repeat Frequency option to run the command daily ensures the application will be installed automatically the next day.
  • Control mobile device security using direct commands - Lock Mobile Device, Wipe Mobile Device, and Clear Passcode
    If the device is stolen, you can wipe it remotely (reset to factory settings). If the device is misplaced, you can lock it remotely so that unauthorized users cannot access the sensitive business data. If the user forgets the passcode, you can remotely clear the passcode to ensure uninterrupted data access.

Mobile device management key benefits

The following are the key benefits of mobile device management:

  • Saves time by providing an ability to see and manage all mobile devices from a single interface instead of using another solution to manage mobile devices, including for reports and queries.
  • Improves security through the ability to remotely erase or lock a mobile device, clear passcodes, install configuration profiles, and manage compliance by regularly updating the information about device (basics), certificates, restrictions, and security.
  • Improves productivity and end user satisfaction by providing the ability to install, update, and remove applications for mobile users.
  • Reduce the cost of compliance by automating the inventory and track the financial information of the device during its lifecycle.
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