Managing tags

BMC Client Management enables you to create tags and then assign them to a new or an existing operational rule. These tags are used in MyApps to help you categorize the software so that you can find the software easily in less time. For information about how to add tags to operational rules, see Adding tags to operational rules.


To view tags you should have the View capability. To create, assign, or remove tags, you should have the Manage capability.

To create tags

  1. On the BMC Client Management console, go to Global Settings > Tags.
  2. Right-click and select Create Tag.
    The Properties dialog box is displayed.
  3. Add a name for the tag and click OK.
    The tag is now added to the console.

To remove tags

You can remove a tag only if it is assigned to an object. The Remove option will be disabled if the tag is unassigned.

Double-click the tag and go to the Assigned Objects tab. Right-click and select Remove. The assigned tag is removed from the object.

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