Managing subreports

Reports are made up of individual subreports, each of which provide a specific topic on your system. This topic can be defined through the query to which the subreport is associated and it can be further specialized by selecting specific attributes through the columns. The results of the subreport will in this case be limited by the selected query.

This option allows you to define reports on any object and its parameters in the database. You can also define subreports of which the results are limited through the population of a device group by assigning the report to a device group. The subreport can thus be configured exactly to your needs and specifications and be displayed in a format specifically adapted to the situation for which it is created and most adapted to the collected data.

Each subreport of the general report layout must be individually configured by selecting the columns, which displays the data of the report and the format in which the data will appear. The overall appearance of the subreports is defined by the css style sheet chosen for the report and is the same for all subreports.

This section includes:

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