Managing Report Portal

The Report Portal is a service provided by the master server, which makes reports available to everybody with required permissions. It provides a list of all generated public reports. By default, these reports are stored indefinitely.

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The list with the generated reports is structured as follows:

  • Name : Displays the automatically generated name of the report or the name as defined in the Report File Name field in the general report definition. On the left of the name you can see the icons representing the generated format (HTML, XML and PDF). If a report is not available in any of these formats, that is, it was not requested to be generated in this format, the respective icon will be dimmed.
  • Report Title : Displays the title of the report.
  • Create Time : Displays the date and time at which the report was actually generated..
  • Group Name : Displays the name of the group or rule if the report is assigned to one. If a report is assigned to more than one group or rule, a separate table entry can be found for each assigned object.

The Report Portal is accessed via a web browser by entering an address with the following structure in the address bar: http://<master name>:<port number>/report

For example: http://scotty:1611/report


You can enter the name either as its short or full network name such as scotty or , or in the form of its IP address. Be aware that when you use IPv6 you need to put square brackets around the IP address, for example, [2001:db8:85a3:8d3:1319:8a2e:370:7348]:1611.

Viewing a report in Report Portal

To view a report in the desired format, proceed as follows:

  • Click the icon representing the desired format on the left of the report name:
    •  for XML
    •  for HTML
    •  for PDF

The report will open in a new browser window or tab. If you selected the PDF format but no corresponding browser plug-in is installed, a pop-up menu displays on the screen, proposing you to download the PDF file of the report.

Filtering reports

The reports displayed in the Report Portal can be limited to a specific period. By default, the filter is set to display all reports of the previous year.

To change the filtering criteria,

  1. Enter the earliest report date in the Start Date field.
    Click in the box to select a date from the appearing calendar or Clean  to clear the calendar box.

  2. Enter the latest report date in the End Date field.
  3. Click Filter to proceed.

Now only the reports that were generated within the defined timeframe are shown.

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